Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Online classes, First Timer

I never thought I'd get to take an online class, it seemed uncomfortable since the traditional classroom is all I've ever known. I'm not hip the trend apparently.

I am excited about taking Intro to Info Tech 101, I want to learn everything there is and I want to start with the fundamentals. It has proved very helpful so far!
The instructions for the class are pretty straight forward, which I'm thankful for because I always feel like I'm missing something.

Dates are particularly hard to keep track of, not only with this class but with all classes. Physical classes are pretty easy to remember, essay due on Thursday, be ready for Networking on Saturday. But no one is repeating the dates when you have to go online, so it's up to you to go online and check you didn't procrastinate (or forget) all the assignments.

I bought a student planner to help with that, it doesn't help that I leave it under my bed. It's a self effort that you really have to put time into if you want to succeed.

Take my advice, don't spend all your time watching cartoons on the internet.
I know it's hard to resist.